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2008-01-10 01:19:02 by Saturday

This semester is going to KILL me book-wise. Why do textbooks have to cost so much? Why do profs change editions when all that is really changed is the order of chapters? Seriously, It's rediculous when a 200 page book costs $97.80. RE.DIC.U.LOUS.

However- Thank you Amazon for being my savior. Without you, I'd surely be broke and have to take a second job.

Books this semester ended up being $330 for three undergrad classes and one graduate level class; I've yet to buy a lab manual and whatever lab equipment I may need for one class. Next semester should be better as I have a thesis class and an independent study. I can't wait to be done with it all.



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2008-01-10 18:20:45

I had some semesters where books ran me 700 bucks.

I agree, totally rediculous.


2008-01-10 23:29:52

my book budget today was 600


2008-01-11 00:53:56

For the two ladies.

I forgive you, because you have vaginas.

Saturday responds:

Hah. And for that, you get a cup of hot cocoa!


2008-01-11 18:47:39

Do you take care of your old books? You can sell them once you're done with the class.

If you keep them in decent shape they sell for more.

Saturday responds:

I'm past the point of selling my books back. The material might actually be shit that I have to reference back to later--- Scary, huh?


2008-01-11 20:19:09

Hurray for vaginas!!!!!


2008-01-11 20:27:34

I like how the campus book stores are always selling them above the price on the book itself and then buy them back for like $5 a pop...yet sell the used ones for only maybe $10 off the original price you paid for it...

I like amazon. I sell my old texts on it. Sure, it's usually 40% down from what I paid, but at the same time, I'm saving another student money, i'm getting rid of these giant books i'm never going to open (sometimes I never even opened) and it's still more money than what the school would give me for them

Saturday responds:

So true. Let's start a revolution.


2008-01-11 22:47:56

Just thought i'd post here, since someone decided to block pms.

"To Saturady, about ban: Psh, don't have to be so uptight about it, although I didn't quite understand the whole "self promoting thing". I didn't post in my own topic, or anything like that, i'm confused. :/ You ever heard of a parady thread? :p Whatever.

Just don't be so uptight about it. "

(Updated ) Saturday responds:

I've heard of parody threads, are those the same? Additionally, if you're familiar with parodies, you've surely mastered the subject of rules. If you read under "Other rules" of the BBS, it has a clause about these elusive parody threads. Okay? Okay!


2008-01-11 23:06:57

why is the book cast so much money is there a reason why?


2008-01-11 23:32:25

hmmm.... just have to say that you are a genius like thing like me


2008-01-13 01:24:57

We're the kids, in a America, Woh oh!

And we have no money for education :(


2008-01-15 19:27:44

The cost of books is utter bullshit. I had great luck this past semester in that three of my five courses didn't require me to spend any money on books, but even with that advantage, the required texts for the other two classes cost me 200+ bucks anyway. FUCK THAT.

And I love how a bunch of the courses scam you into buying books worth nothing on the resale. Online and interactive CDs with semesterly registration are greatly popular for ripping off John Q. Student.


2008-01-15 20:42:39

First off, you're not a female.

2nd, you have got to be the coolest mod if you're still a mod after all the inactivity from you young man/lady >8(


2008-01-16 21:09:37

Ugh I'm in the same boat. I've taken to buying them used and so it only cost me 200$ and 12$ here and there for lab books. The worst part was that I tried to sell them back to the bookstore, but guess what! They're the old edition! Despite the fact that I used them 3 weeks ago, nope they are too old for them to buy back.


2008-01-18 10:19:32

I feel your pain. For three grad classes I'm up to about $600. Then, I have to downloand & print or copy numerous articles throughout the semester.

But hang in there, its worth it!


2008-01-18 17:37:37

Your username is awesome.

Just saying.