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2007-12-03 23:52:39 by Saturday

I really hate statistics.

I mean, there's this love/hate relationship going on. Statistics are great, except when they confuse me. I have to do a research project and utilize the General Social Survey through SPSS (ok, probably no one knows what that is besides me, but w/e). The project fucking sucks. Seriously, I've never done something that sucks so much. SPSS is deciding not to work, so whenever I get my results, it won't load the page. It'd be wonderful if I could figure out if my ANOVAs are working.

In laymen's terms: STATISTICS BLOW.

>:( H8H8H8H8H8H8.


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2007-12-04 00:37:06

Statistical Package for Social Sciences program.
I only know 'cause my little sister is taking a bioeconomics class.
Not because I'm a super genius.
But she does curse like a drunken sailor about it too.
So you're not alone, hahaha.


2007-12-04 01:04:42

statistics are, for the most part, bullshit.

"Statistics: The only science that enables different experts using the same figures to draw different conclusions. " -- E.Esar


2007-12-04 12:13:10

yea statistics can be tough... but I love saturdays